RAMAC X3M Corder
The unit with no cables and a built in recorder

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Terraplus is pleased to announce the new product release of the RAMAC X3M Corder. 
RAMAC X3M Corder is a new and upgraded version of the X3M without the requirement of using a laptop PC. The X3M Corder has recording capability, a setup display with quick buttons for startup, optional battery add-on, remote control/ marker function, automatic antenna frequency detection and absolute rugged field protection. 

X3M Corder features
  • Compact and integrated radar unit, easy to use
  • Compatible with RAMAC 100, 250, 500 and 800 MHz antennas
  • Autostacking for highest data quality and optimized speed performance
  • Low power consumption for extended operation time
  • Built in digital data recorder
  • Control panel for quick startup
  • Remote control 
  • Marker function
  • Automatic antenna detection
  • Integrated battery solution
  • No cables or external device needed
The X3M Corder will give you possibilities to operate a GPR system in new environments where other GPR systems can’t go. 

Ordering Information
Order Number
X3M Corder 530-X3M-2-2002