Cam 211
Video Inspection System for Water wells & Boreholes

1 3/4 inch diameter color video inspection system for water wells, boreholes and monitor wells The CAM 211 surveys deep into holes measuring 2-12" in diameter, delivering sharp color images of well and bore-hole conditions.
  • Solid-state circuitry
  • Control unit with remote functions drives the system; features operator-controlled focus and picture brightness for maximum visual clarity
  • Can be retrofit to most single conductor, closed circuit video inspection systems
  • Standardized cablehead allows interchangeable use of Laval cameras

Ideal for the groundwater industry, gas and oil companies, public works officials, environmentalists and remediation sites, helping pinpoint problems in:

Water Wells
  • Locate corroded casings, infiltration, obstructions, offset casings and encrustations
  • Find lost tools and pump parts
  • Verify success of repairs and cleanings
  • Determine if wells can be rehabilitated
Boreholes/Monitor Wells
  • Analyze geologic strata/ground formations
  • Determine chemical/mineral content from soil coloration
  • Detect damage in underground petroleum storage tanks and piping, drilling fluid disposal pits, injection wells, brine evaporation pits and retired gas and oil production wells
  • Provide visual proof of compliance with government regulations
Camera Specifications

Overall camera dimensions: 1 3/4" diameter by 16" length
Housing: Stainless steel
Lightheads: 7 3/4 " long (for 2" - 6" diameter wells) and 9 3/4" (forwells up to 12" in diameter)
Weight: 4 lbs. (without cable assembly or lighthead)
Pressure rating: Pressure tested and waterproof to 1,500 psi (3,000 psi option available)
Camera connector: Gearhart-Owens cablehead connector
Cable: Camera operates on a 1/4" O.D. armored single conductor coaxial cable for depths up to 2,500 feet (Optional: 4,000 feet)
Scanning system: 525 line, 60 Hz NTSC or 625 line, 50 Hz PAL
TV line resolution: 350 (H) x 360 (V)

Ordering Information
Description Order Number
Cam 211 530-cam211-1001